Liferay Developer Training


This training is the building block for enabling you build apps using liferay platform.This will dwell on areas like how to customize liferay using hooks ,portlets,ext ,layout templates and themes.This training will be the first sought after training to get started.

Advanced Developer Training


This training will widen your knowledge of Liferay's apis and service builder and will help you build a solid foundation to do amazing things like customizing Liferay's core apis ,search api ,custom sql and more.This course takes strong fundamental knowledge to the next level, preparing your applications for the real world.

Portal Administrator Training


Learn how you can administer the Liferay server after you successfully got it in running state.It will give you an overview of what Liferay has to offer out of the box and how Liferay can be used for managing users, managing content, and permissions.

Creating Content with Liferay


With knowledge of Liferay , you would love to start going and start by being able to create content using Liferay's robust CMS.This training will dwell from basic content creation to more technical options like content template development. Some related topics will be covered such as managing content in a test environment and establishing a workflow process for content that is created.

Liferay Architecture Review


With Liferay and its internals on sound foundation , you would like to know the best practice architecture decisions,audit the Liferay implementation under review and set onto a smoother path.One of our Liferay consultant will work alongside you and guide you as a hand holder and you take things to a logical conclusion from there on.

Liferay System Administration


This training will equip you with indepth knowledge of how to setup Liferay as a system in an Enterprise ecosystem.Learn how you can tune up your setup using Liferay clustering and Load balancing EHCache configuration and setting hibernate configuration , JackRabbit configuration ,Lucene configuration,LDAP integration and so on to integrate with existing systems of your client to meet the business needs.

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